Product Range

QUALITY PIPE SUPPORTS (QPS) Ltd manufactures a wide range of products for the Pipe Supports Industry. We supply all the major tier 1 and 2 companies and export on a worldwide basis. Our Pipe Supports are used to meet many different requirements in the Nuclear, Petrochemical, Oil, Gas, and Power Generation industries.

Variable and Constant Effort Spring Hangers are central to the company’s success. These assemblies are used to support the weight of pipework or equipment whilst allowing for the thermal displacement due to vertical expansion. Our range of Constant Units support pipework within +/- 5% of the operating loads, whilst Variable Supports cater for smaller pipe movements.

Ancillary Equipment – We have a wide range of standard catalogue components available ex-stock such as hanger rods, U-bolts, beam attachments, pipe lugs, pipe clamps, etc that combine to make hanger assemblies. We also regularly manufacture to the clients’ standard range of equipment if required.

Dynamic Supports include Rigid Struts, Sway Braces and Hydraulic Shock Arrestors. These are generally used to protect pipework from shock loading such as seismic conditions.

Isolation Equipment is used to offer a reduction in noise and vibration, whilst also preventing bi-metallic corrosion.

Insulation (Cryogenic) Equipment can be supplied to suit a large range of temperatures from -200°C to 160°C. We cater for a range of varying load capacities and insulation material includes PUF, PIR, HDPU Foam, Hardwood, Qplas (Glass Reinforced Composite) and Durolight S.

Fabricated Pipe Supports and Pipe Shoes that are either clamped or welded to the pipework can be manufactured for specific client applications.