Insulation Equipment

At Quality Pipe Supports (QPS) Ltd. we supply a large range of insulated pipe supports to suit a large range of temperatures, from cryogenic pipe work to high temperature pipes and vessels. We supply a number of different insulating materials to suit your specific individual, insulating needs. In addition to our own standard designs, we often manufacture to our clients’ individual standards.

Cellular Glass

This is a highly efficient impermeable insulation material. It is totally inert and non-combustible and is suited to severe cryogenic temperature cycles.

Low Density & High Density Polyurethane Foam (PUF)

This is CFC free foam with excellent load carrying capabilities and a large temperature range, this material is used in oil and petrochemical industries where a high efficiency of insulation is required. The material also has excellent fire retardant properties.


Low Density & High Density Calcium Silicate

This is a tough and hardwearing insulation, which has an excellent thermal efficiency on hot process applications. The material is inert and non-combustible and contains no asbestos.


A high strength glass reinforced composite, which has a wide temperature range and can be machined, bored and tapped. It has excellent fire safety properties and is resistant to UV and chemical attack.


This is a CFC free high-density foam with a large temperature range is, fire resistant and has an extremely low smoke emission. It is also treated with a dust suppressant, which makes it suitable for pharmaceutical, food processing, medical and other clean air environments.

Some Examples of our Insulation Equipment Range: