On-Site Field Services

Site Services Engineering

Quality Pipe Supports (QPS) Ltd. has an experienced and knowledgeable engineering team to assist and support clients in not only their pipe support design requirements but also to assess and undertake site surveys and inspections.

By using this service our clients are able to collaborate with our team to achieve innovative and practical support solutions to a wide range of pipework configurations.

Plant Surveys and Pipe Support Inspections.

All pipe supports need to comply with changing operating and environmental conditions following many years of service. In order to ensure this takes place the supports not only have to be manufactured to a high quality level, but they must be installed in the correct manner in the first place to ensure their functionality. Defective or corroded supports in piping systems can result in additional stress problems which can lead to long term damage to the piping and even failure, especially at critical connection points.

Inspections for Operational Integrity

If no pipe support inspections take place then the condition and functioning of the support cannot be detected. If this situation continues then long term costly damage (or even failure) to the supports and pipework is inevitable. Therefore regular inspections and surveys by our trained personnel are highly recommended. By checking the integrity and condition of the supports, any potential problems can be eliminated and ensure no over-stress conditions take place.