Surface Protection

We have extensive experience in the processes and techniques of a wide range of paint products and their specific application, and this protection is always carried out in our production facilities. We offer wet paint systems which are employed principally for anti-corrosion protection purposes ranging from single coat primer applications to multi-layer systems. Hi-build two-pack systems can offer long life corrosion protection in excess of 20 years in the harshest of environments.

We draw from an extensive range of paint manufacturers producing polyurethane and epoxy systems that can provide protection in temperatures from -30°C up to 400°C, from splash zone and immersed or sub-sea conditions, and to desert and aggressive industrial environments.

All our wide-ranging coating systems for Supports and Steelwork Fabrications are prepared by abrasive blasting (in accordance with Swedish standard SA 2.5); Hot Dip Galvanising and other surface finishes are also available on a quick turnaround basis.